SANIPHOR contains Alkyl Aryl Polyoxyethylene Iodine Complex. It is a proven and powerful cleansing agent for poultry and diary industries, sericulture & food processing plants. It is an excellent, prompt and effective microbicide with a broad range of action on almost all pathogenic micro-organisms, viruses and protozoan cysts.


SANIPHOR exerts a strong fungicidal effect. It is specially recommended for cleansing of equipment, incubators, chicken dressing plants, egg trays, water sanitation, chicken vans, water tanks, calf stalls, mopping of walls, floors, in foot baths and for sericulture etc.

Practical Applications of SANIPHOR



_Strength of solution

_Per 10 litres of water, Add


_General cleaning of equipments,

_vessels, cars, pipelines,

_pasteurizing _plants, calf stalls,

_dog kennels etc.





_Foot Baths



_Mopping of floors, walls and




_Poultry equipments, egg trays,

_footbaths etc.



_Chicken dressing, plants, cold

_storages, refrigerators, chicken

_vans, _chicken centre’s etc.



_Cleaning of water tanks,


_incubators, foot _wears, sheds.



_Water sanitation









  • Do not use hot water for dilution.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.





  • Pack of 1 litre, 5 litres, 30 litres & 200 litres.


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